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[Offtopic] MySpace profile plugin for wordpress

November 18th, 2006

Hi all,

Just found some time to develop a little myspace profile plugin (see sidebar on the left). This plugin allows you to add your Myspace profile to your wordpress blog. Show your visitors your myspace profile and make some friends.

See it in action on my homepage in the left sidebar.

0. Download and unzip sw_myspace.zip
1. Upload sw_myspace.php to wp-content/plugins folder
2. Activate the plugin (curl must be enabled on your server)
3. Go to your wordpress admin Options > MySpace
4. submit your myspaceID, choose a thumb size and enable/disable add as friend feature.
5. put <?php sw_getMyspaceProfile(); ?> somewhere in your template. For example sidebar.php would be a good place

1. You can choose a small or medium thumbnail
2. You can enable or disable the add-to-friend option

Ok here’s the download link for version 0.1
: when you have curl

[update] I have updated this plugin to version 0.3. Now the plugin check if curl is available, if not the plugin uses file functions or fsockopen.

Ok here’s the download link for version 0.3
; check the use of curl, file functions or fsockopen

[update 26-11-2006] Tx to travelblogger for pointing this out I had set the MySpace profile ID to a maxLength of 12, now I have set it to 20.
Ok here’s the download link for version 0.3a

When you update:

  • Deactivate plugin
  • Remove old version from server
  • don’t forget to remove <? sw_getMyspaceProfile(); ?> if you are not using it
  • Upload new version
  • activate plugin

WAGs : a little introduction

July 1st, 2006

WAGS women and girlfriends soccer

Well with the World Cup Soccer being held in Germany all the player wives/ soccer wives/football wives are also present in Germany. Just like the women and girlfriends of the English squad, hence the name W(omen) A(nd) G(irlfriends) s.

They WAGS do offer great stories, like

- they spend £55k an hour
WAGS women and girlfriends soccer

[tags]wags, soccer wives, football wives, english squad[/tags]

Random footbal wives & female fans

Female brasil soccer fans
[tags]fans, soccer fans,blondes,brunettes, exotic, world cup, soccer wives, fifa[/tags]
Olcay Gulsen – Sexy
Strong woman with her own fashion label supertrash
Rossana Lima baddest girl in Town
Rossana Lima, the wife of Patrick Kluivert, was elected to the Millionaire Football Woman of the... read more
Hockey mom’s example
Yep, i could not resist but we need more hockey mom's besides Palin
Denmark soccer fans
[tags]soccer fans, female fans, denmark fans, female supporters, blondes[/tags]
Fifa World Player of the year 2006 – part 2
The female top 3 - Renate Lingor, marta and Kristine Lilly.
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